this look so much better on here lol 

forever mines. 💕I love you more kravitz.
At night, i think of you. 

Messages. Pictures. Memories. Gone.

The way that i love you. 

finessedem, if you a lame nigga, you aint makin no noise. 

I love you bby. where’d you go? ):
Even when you want to send that text to check for a pulse, don’t. Thank me later.
I wake up every morning and choose you, without a second thought. P.S (via evil-babe)

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A good man will always find a way to spend good quality time with you, regularly.

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One GOOD time for my sister. the only person that constantly makes me smile on a daily basis. She’s my mentor, my bestfriend, and all the above. They say when amazing people walk in your life, keep them there, and that’s exactly what i’m doing. you’re not going anywhere, you know WHY too much to not be my fucking friend. lmfao, i love youu with all my little heart bby. adornyurztruly
We all had situationships Good sex Bad relationships Had dinner dates had vacation trips Now the respect is lost, the admiration dips And all we do is fuck and argue Yeah that’s it, Fuck and argue Why have somebody lying with me every night If they just gone be lying to me every night I’m trying but I’m never right Buying shit you never like Two wrongs just make us wrong why even be together right. Fabolous ft Mack Wilds & Tiara Thomas- Sitationships (via quincyluciano)

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And if I lose you, I’m afraid I would lose who I gave my love to. That’s the reason I stay around. TS. (via queen-roe)

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What’s understood, doesn’t need to be explained. 

rideordie, finessedem
…she love a nigga but i be damn if she trust a nigga. (via evil-babe)

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