I see how your feelings got involved, guess i’m suppose to run when you called.
Bahama’s with my baby ♡
Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
this nigga said, can you cheat death of nah ? Lmaoo 💀
What I’m afraid of on here.


….. When I wake up somebody else might take my place. That’s why I’m always proving to my girl that I’m the one for her.

Beside that I ain’t afraid of shit or anybody on here fuck I look like.

You don’t have to prove anything to me baby, I already know that there’s no one else that i rather love, and be with. It doesn’t get better then this.

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"i dont argue to win, or to be right. i argue to be understood. thats all."(via tgodxjetzfly)

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I’m way too out spoken. let me just shutup, and sit back.

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When dumb bitches try to be relevant. Stay in your lane heux
"I just want someone real nasty and real loyal"(via mykellxasola)

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Loyalty spending time with her favorite auntie, Auntie Em. I swear, she’s more excited for the baby, than anyone else.
@adornyurztruly , mykellxasola ; i don’t know how you deal with this girl everyday, lol.
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